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Difference Between Conservatorship and Guardianship

What’s the Difference Between Conservatorship and Guardianship in California?

No one wants to think about dying. However, if you pass away without an estate plan, it’s your family that has to live with the consequences. People who depend on you would have no means left to care for themselves.

Guardianship and conservatorship allow you to appoint someone to care for your vulnerable loved ones. However, how exactly do they differ, and which would be more beneficial for you? In this article, we will tackle just that and more! Here’s a list of what this article will cover

  • What is a Guardianship?
  • What is a Conservatorship?
  • What’s the Difference Between a Guardian and a Conservator?
  • Where Do I Find a Guardianship or Conservatorship Attorney?

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What is a Guardianship?

A guardianship is a court-created relationship between a ward and a guardian. The ward is usually a minor child.

The responsibilities of a guardian include:

  • Managing the ward’s property
  • Deciding on behalf of the ward.

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What is a Conservatorship?

A conservator is appointed to care for an incapacitated adult. There are two types of conservatorships, depending on what the conservator handles. One person may be either one or both.

  1. Conservator of the estate: This person handles the financial affairs of the incapacitated adult.
  2. Conservator of the person: This person is charged with managing the physical well-being of the conservatee.

Furthermore, a conservatorship may be limited or general. A general conservator supervises many aspects of the conservatee’s life. However, some adults can be trusted to do certain things independently. In these cases, a limited conservator may cover what the conservatee cannot, but they are not allowed to do something outside of their specific scope.

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What is the difference between the two?

To emphasize, the main difference between a guardian and a conservator is the age of the ward. A guardian usually is in charge of a minor child, while a conservator is assigned to an incapacitated adult.

Where Do I Find a Guardianship or Conservatorship Attorney in California?

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