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Estate Planning in Oceanside CA
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Creating detailed and legally sound plans for your estate involves some of the most important decisions you will ever make. These help ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes after death and keep your family from having to sift through complicated finances or letting a court make decisions instead of you.

Century Trusts & Estate Planning and attorney Ashby Sorensen provide client-focused assistance in these important choices, helping people in the San Diego area secure their future. Seek the legal assistance of an experienced California estate planning attorney today!

oceanside estate planning attorney

Oceanside Estate Planning Firm: A Full-Service Estate Planning Firm

Our estate planning lawyers in Oceanside CA offer comprehensive and high-quality estate planning services, including:

Setting Up Trusts

A trust is a tool to manage your assets in life and after death. They direct how and when assets will be distributed. A trust lets a third party hold assets for beneficiaries and can help lower your estate tax burden.

Drafting Wills

A will lets you put your final wishes in writing and direct who will receive your property after death. A will allows you to name your children’s guardians and is vital to complete an estate planning strategy.

Probate Administration

During the probate procedure, the court validates the validity of a decedent’s will and distributes assets in accordance with the decedent’s desires and applicable state laws. Our skilled lawyer can assist in resolving conflicts in your favor if you encounter any throughout the administration of an estate.

Establishing Power of Attorney

A power of attorney lets you appoint a trusted individual to handle your financial affairs when you can no longer do so yourself. Contact our seasoned estate planning attorney to learn how it can benefit your estate.

Securing Advance Healthcare Directive

If you become mentally or physically incapable of deciding for yourself, you need someone to make important decisions for you. An advance healthcare directive lets you appoint someone to manage your healthcare decisions. Consult our Oceanside estate planning attorney to learn more!

Making these decisions now can help ease the burden on your family after your death, give clear direction for dealing with your affairs and avoid the lengthy legal process that occurs when someone dies without a will or estate plan in place.

An experienced Oceanside estate planning attorney can help you draft your trust and will document to make sure all wishes are well established. Contact Century Trusts & Estate Planning law firm today for your estate plan!

Why Do I Need an Oceanside Estate Planning Attorney?

Experienced Oceanside estate planning attorney Ashby Sorensen is here to help you ensure that your estate plan follows the law while clearly outlining your wishes. A well-made estate plan allows your hard-earned assets to be passed on to your intended beneficiaries. A simple mistake can complicate the process, which can mean that your assets go to someone else while your loved ones spend precious time and money trying to get their inheritance.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire our California estate planning lawyer:

Update Your Estate Plan

Ensure your estate plan is updated: Estate planning is a continuous process. You must amend your estate plan to account for a new grandchild or a lost partner. Century Trusts and Estate planning is here to keep your plans up to date.

Someone to deal with the complex laws: Your loved ones may not be in the best state of mind to deal with the legal side of your passing. Ashby Sorensen can be there to guide your family through trying times while ensuring that your assets can care for them.

Protect Your Assets in Oceanside CA

One risk of passing away without an estate plan is that it’s the courts who get to decide what happens to your assets. Shield your hard-earned belongings by working with an Oceanside estate planning attorney today!

Get Assistance at Every Stage of Trust and Estate Planning

It is important not to take estate planning lightly. Exercise due diligence if you want to be sure you can defend your family, your possessions, or your company. Century Trusts & Estate Planning and attorney Ashby Sorensen can assist with establishing new or existing trusts, updating documents to address changes in your life, or adding or removing beneficiaries. Mr. Sorensen works with clients to determine the best type of trust for each situation, whether it is a revocable, living or testamentary.

Beginning the planning process now can carry numerous benefits in the future. Work with Century Trusts & Estate Planning to move forward with protecting everything you have worked so hard for. We are proud to provide skilled guidance for individuals in the San Diego area. Call us today for a free consultation, or use our online contact form.

What is Estate Planning?

An estate comprises everything a person owns, including a house, car, other real properties, investments, life insurance, furniture, and personal belongings. It also includes checking and savings accounts. Everyone owns an estate, no matter how big or small, and they all share the same thing: You cannot take your estate with you when you pass away.

When that occurs (and it will, if not already), you’ll probably want to decide how those resources are distributed to the individuals or organizations that matter to you the most. You must give instructions outlining who is to receive what from you, what you want them to receive, and when they will receive it to ensure that your intentions are followed.

Making a plan in advance, designating the individuals or organizations you want to get the possessions you own after your death, and taking actions now to make carrying out your plan as simple as possible later are all examples of estate planning.

When is the Best Time to Plan My Estate in Oceanside CA?

Now is the ideal time to begin estate planning. None of us particularly enjoys considering our own mortality or the risk of becoming incapable of making our own judgments. This is precisely why, when disability or death does occur, so many families are caught off guard and unprepared. Stop waiting. It’s possible to make decisions today and amend them afterward, which is exactly how estate planning should be done.

Call our San Diego law firm to speak with our experienced Oceanside estate planning attorney now!

Can My Children Create My Estate Plan After I Pass Away?

It’s too late to create an estate plan once you pass away or become seriously ill. After you pass away or become incapable, your children cannot create a plan on your behalf. We receive calls from kids who want to know what to do when their parents make a plan but don’t sign it or leave no documentation too frequently. We regretfully have to inform them that they will probably end up in court.

Only when you are conscious and alive can you write an estate plan and establish a living trust. Your preferences, which you felt “everyone understood,” are likely legally meaningless without the carefully drafted, fully signed, and witnessed documents in a complete Estate Plan.

How Do I Name a Guardian for My Children in Oceanside?

Most people are quite concerned about the future of their minors (children under the age of 18). Having legal paperwork that names a guardian (and backups!) in case you pass away or become incapacitated is a fundamental duty of parenthood for everyone with minor children. It is quite possible that the court will appoint the guardian you designate in your estate plan.

Importantly, guardianship is available in two varieties: One type of guardianship is physical custody. One’s guardianship is being exercised here. The other is estate guardianship. This person is the guardian of the funds. The courts typically separate these two obligations, so you might want to do the same in your estate plan.

What Happens if I Have No Estate Plan in Oceanside?

If you don’t have an estate plan and living trust, your loved ones may wind up fighting in “probate court” over their rights to your property, your bank accounts, your investments, and possibly even the guardianship of your dependent children and other minors.

They may be compelled to argue by your bedside over who will take charge of all those aspects of your life and who will decide on your medical care and end-of-life options if you are still alive but incapacitated.

Call our Oceanside Estate Planning Lawyer Today

Many procrastinate on their estate plans, thinking they don’t have to do it until they get old. However, there are many unexpected things that can happen in just a day. It’s not you who will suffer from this lack of planning, but your family and children.

For over ten years, attorney Ashby Sorensen has guided clients in the San Diego County region through challenging legal issues. He is dedicated to seeing that people take the required steps to safeguard the possessions they have fought so hard to accumulate for their loved ones in the future. With so many estate planning choices available, it’s crucial to consult a lawyer who is well-versed in them.

Start planning your estate and call our Oceanside estate planning law firm today!

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